Arch Angel Jack
2008-12-04 5:49 p.m.

I didn't do very well at NaNoWriMo this year. In fact the entry below is everything I have written so far. I think it's around 2,500 words. Oh well. It's a start and I've got a lot of ideas about ArchAngel Jack and Suki Versace and the things they'll go through together. Plus, I've never written about a character with wings. There's got to be some fun to have with that.

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My NaNo Novel
2008-12-04 5:19 p.m.

I didn't feel 40 year old. I certainly hadn't done the things that people normally had by this age. My house was empty. No husband or children. I watched anime and read manga; I ate a candy bar for dinner when I felt like it. If the floor was dirty I could put off sweeping it until next month. And if it was my 40th birthday I could stay home and drink tequila by my self. I poured another shot of Cuervo Gold and grabbed a wedge of lime. It was cold outside, but I went outside anyway and sat on the back steps. My yard was a perfect rectangle, fenced in with tall cedar boards. I could run around topless and no one would see me. I thought about that for a minute then threw back the tequila and slipped the lime between my teeth before the gold death finished sliding down my throat and the burning came.

That's when I noticed something was flying towards my house. The airport was in the same direction so seeing a plane fly low over my house was nothing knew but this, however, this was different. I pushed the hair out of my eyes and walked to the center of the yard. It was coming faster now and I could see it almost flaming, like a comet burning up on reentry. Oh dear Lord, please don't blow up my house, I thought. I don't think my home owner's insurance covered being demolished giant chunks of flaming kryptonite. At this point, a smart person would have run the other way. Instead a drunk lonely forty year old woman raised her head to the heavens and watched this flaming ball come hurtling into her backyard where it completely demolished her potting shed. Well, I'll be damned. I thought as I ran to the wreckage.

The roof was gone as well as one of the walls. Someone inside was swearing. I tripped over a piece of smoldering wood and stood in what used to be the doorway. Standing in front of me was a man. A naked man with wings. Big, black wings that were as high as his head and tips that barely touched the ground.

"Are those real?" I asked.

"Are you drunk?" he asked.

"I really hope I am." I said.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. I was smiling at a gorgeous unclothed man with wings who just fell from the sky so fast and so hard he nearly caught fire. A black feather floated down in front of me and I caught it like a kung fu master despite my inebriation. It was a real feather and by real, I meant it was fluffy and had a vein down the center.

"Oh man, is that mine?" he asked.

"Well it certainly isn't mine." I answered.

He turned his head and did a couple of circles like a dog chasing his tail. I didn't mind, because it gave me a chance to get a full view of him.

"Black. Man, I've really done it now." He looked directly up and shouted. "I was only joking! Don't you have a fucking sense of humor?"

I gestured to him with the crook of my finger and he obediantly came towards me. He shook his shoulders and the wings appeared to snap into his shoulder blades and disappear.

"What color are they suppose to be?" I asked.

"This goldish kind of white." He answered.

"What does black mean?"

"It means I've fallen."

I stopped and stumbled a bit. He caught me by the elbow. "A fallen angel?" I asked.

"Yeah. And that's bad news. It means the big guy's not going to let me back home until the lessons are learned.'

He paused and stared at my empty shot glass. "Got any more of that? And maybe some pants. Not necessarily in that order."

"Well, I've definitely got more tequila," I said and turned towards the house. I could hear his bare feet on the grass as he followed me.

Happy Birthday to me.

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