Waiting for Lestat.
2009-10-31 7:01 p.m.

Trick or treaters have started! The best part about this year is that the moms are all dressing up too. I've had a punk rock mom, witch mom, fairy mom and angel mom! My first kid was a tiny commando with face paint. He was a little confused by the whole thing but knew enough to reach for the candy bowl. Let me tell you a secret: if you let me grab the candy you get twice as much! One kid just came to the door dressed as a tape deck player. Or maybe it was a robot? It was made out of cardboard boxes and magic markers. Pretty cool. One of the little kid was rollin' in his big wheel. I think getting in and out of the big wheel at every house would take awhile? I see dad carrying it home at the end of the night. Cool kids so far. They love my candy! I buy the good stuff so I can eat it if any is left over.

Want to hear something amazing? My cholesterol was 299 last month and my doctor started me on Simvatin or whatever it's called and my repeat blood work was normal. And my diet is still crap. Whoo hoo! Seriously, I'm going back to Healthy Choice and chicken, veggies and rice after Halloween. Seriously.

Witty said she had surly Twilight teenagers. I want Twilight teenagers! (They don't have to be surly) All my kids have needed adult supervision. If I remember correctly (and I'm too lazy to read my archives from Halloween past) by 8:00pm, the 'hood is quiet. The little kids are all home eating their candy and the teenagers are at parties playing five minutes in the closet with a drunken pixie or whatever kinds of games teenagers play now aways. I always wanted to play spin the bottle but only girls wanted to play and I didn't know how fun it was to kiss girls until college. If you know what I mean. Or maybe that was just me. Hmm. Probably.

So anywho, I'm just sitting here waiting for some vampires to show up.

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