Now that is how you multitask!
2007-07-07 12:50 a.m.

Channeling Cleopatra 130/365So there was quite a bit of drama due to yesterday's picture of me with my iPhone. Click on the picture below and read the comments if you'd like to see. Basically I was accused of losing perspective by buying Steve Jobs' hype thus causing people to die in third world countries. *rolls eyes* I love technology and I love Apple. I know I've said this before, but I had the very first Apple computer in 1983 and have stayed with them through all incarnations of Apple and the Macintosh. When no one else believed in Steve Jobs I let him sleep on my couch and fixed him omelets. Yes, I gave into the hype, but it was well thought out hype. It was hype I believe in. I got to test drive my phone at work today and it was pretty cool. I listened to my playlists on the iPod while I worked. At one point I had to pee and found myself sitting in the ladies room hacking into my office's wireless network so I could check my stocks and the weather. Now that is what I call multitasking! It was kind of surreal and I found myself giggling. Luckily, it was Friday and most people were either on vacation or had left work early so I was alone. I brought home a ton of work for the weekend. *Sigh* If I don't do it now, I know I'll just end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out next week. Plus, I want to take some time off for my birthday. To do what, I'm not sure. I'm still thinking about moving, so it might be a good time to pack up some more things and clean a few rooms. I'm feeling a bit better with these new medications. I find I have a bit more stamina and can do things like light cleaning now. It's a neat feeling. Speaking of neat feelings, I forgot to shoot myself full of chemotherapy goodness. Gotta go.

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iPhone because iDeserve it!
2007-07-05 10:14 p.m.

iGift 133/365The display on my phone has been broken for about six months and I've been putting off replacing it due to the iPhone being released. I worked my ass off all day and decided I deserved something big and fantastic. Plus, it's my birthday month. So I called AT&T and asked if they happened to have any iPhones left over after the crazy weekend where people camped out for two days to get one. A hyper girl named Michelle told me they got a box today. They wouldn't hold one for me, as they'd made some sort of deal with Apple but she said if I came in soon it shouldn't be a problem. So I threw on a tank top and yoga pants and ran out the door. I drove across town in my little car (cursing myself for not getting the air conditioner charged up). When I got inside three sales guys molested me (not in the fun way) and struggled to write my name down on a clipboard. Finally, someone asked to help me. "Yes, Michelle said you have some iPhones in stock." "Uh, we do?" I could feel my eyes start to narrow and my eyebrows knit together. Someone was going to get an ass kicking and it wasn't going to be me. "I've got one 8 gig iPhone left" said a guy behind the counter. "I'll take it!" I wanted the 8 gig one anyway so cool. He had to ring someone else up first, so I looked at accessories. I like accessories. Then, let's call him Maynard, Maynard comes over to me and asks me if I live in town, uh yeah, then he starts telling me this sob story about a guy from Vancouver who wants to drive down here to buy his iPhone so he doesn't have to pay sales tax on it and would I like to get my phone in a couple of days and they'll even ship it to me and of course they won't charge me for the shipping, but I got here first and the phone is like totally mine, blah blah blah. First of all, What The Fuck? What exactly do I get out of this exchange? I get to pay six hundred dollars for a product that will then be sent in the mail to me later, next week, what? I come all they way out here in the blazing sun so I can get something shipped to my house later this month? All because some dork from Washington is too cheap to buy the phone at the AT&T store by his house? I don't think so. Which is what I said. So Maynard walks over to this guy next to me and explains to him that he can't get his phone. I didn't realize that the guy was in the store, so now I feel like a complete bitch, so what the hell Maynard? Did he really think I'd be all like "Oh yeah, just because I drove out here to buy The Hottest Electronic Doo HIckey in The Entire World I'd be totally cool paying for it and leaving without it. Thanks!" He didn't even try to bribe me with some free accessories. So as I'm being rung up and cheapskate dude from Vancouver is dabbing his eyes in the corner and considering jumping me in the parking lot, some guy, we'll call him Oliver, Oliver comes out of the back room yelling "We've got another box of iPhones!" Basically, it was Much Ado About Nothing. I got my phone and my credit approval code and made it home.

Activating the phone was quite easy. You just log into iTunes and it leads you through a series of menus. The plan is expensive. The cheapest one (that I got) is $60 with a $30 activation fee. But really it's only $20 more than my previous plan with T-mobile and now I have internet access. I was even able to transfer my number from my old carrier to AT&T. Pretty neat. So far I've tried to call a couple of people but no one's home, so I can't comment on the phone part. I watched an episode of Harvey Birdman which was cool. I also stumbled across the Stanford University lecture series on the iTunes store which has lectures you can download FOR FREE! Omigod, I found a lecture by Seth Lerer which made me squeal in glee! I'm a total academic nerd but now I'm a happy mobile nerd.

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Happy Birthday Month and Weird Ass Dreams
2007-07-02 12:34 a.m.

Staying Cool 125/365It was uncomfortably warm today and all I did was lay in bed and sweat. I tried to go to sleep at a reasonable time but I'm nearing the end of "The Memoires of Cleopatra" so I'm trying to finish the book. This is kind of a big deal because the book is one thousand pages! If you've been wondering why the reading cue list on the right side hasn't changes it's because I'm still reading one book! I want to finish it and move onto something else but I also don't want to finish it because I know that bastard Octavian wins and Cleo kills herself by attatching asps to her chest. A pretty lousy way to go for someone so young - the same age as me on the 11th infact. So I guess you could say I'm having all sorts of issues with Cleopatra. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so I finally decide to put the book down at 4:00am and get some sleep and the cats wake up and decide to play let's wrestle on mom, and let's poke our paw in her mouth when she's sleeping and let's bring her a straw because you know she really wants a straw to chew on while she sleeps. I think I finally fell asleep at six. Today has been a blurry mix of two hours naps. At one point I had a dream I was carrying around a bunch of pills with me and I was worried they'd get stolen and then Cerberus was under a big blanket and was growling and barking at everyone except for me and I was somehow demonic because Cerberus liked me. Then I was chased by a flying sting ray who kept trying to give me leg hickeys and a man tried to shove popsicle sticks through my arms. Cleopatra + medication + Simpsons = weird ass dreams. Anywhoo, it's still 78 degrees in my house which is uncomfortable but I should be glad it's not hotter. Please someone buy me air conditioning for my birthday, okay? I'm so excited it's my birthday month. I need to figure out what fabulous things to buy myself.

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