Getting jizzy, plastic shizzy and Im out of nonsensical rhymes.
2007-06-27 12:40 a.m.

Reading With Penguin 124/365Okay, so get this. Someone put this comment on one of my photos: "my boyfriend wants to know if he can send you a tribute photo. in case you don't know what they are, its a photo of him masterbating over a photo of you. he wants to do this because he thinks your sexy and beautiful. i don't mind him thinking that because i think it too." Now in my group of friends a tribute photo is when you take a picture of yourself mimicing someone's fabulous picture. Like my friend Irish doing this photo. Have a stranger get jizzy on my picture seems rather annilihistic (I think I made that word up) to me. And creepy. Is it just me or is that creepy? I like to think I'm open minded and edgy but some things are just too much for me. Maybe it's the stranger factor. I don't know these people. Anyway, enough talk about abstract sperm art.

So in two weeks I'm going to be a year older. I sound like I have a time machine, let me rephrase that. It will be the anniversary of my birth in two weeks. Just sayin'. I don't think I'm up for a party this year. I kind of want to do something but I probably won't. Phhbt. I am planning on raiding the Plastic Surgery Savings Account and buying myself something pretty. Something pretty most likely being a SLR camera or maybe an iPhone, or both. I'm holding up pretty well, I think we can put off the face lift for another ten years. If you have any recommendations for a camera (or a plastic surgeon) let me know in the comments. I'm torn betwen the Rebel or one of the Nikons.

In other news. I worked my fricking ass off all day. *looks at ass* It's just a figure of speech, but seriously, I telecommuted all day long and deep into the night. I took a couple of breaks for lunch and dinner, but otherwise I typed typed typed, shuffled pappers around, made phone calls and acted like a corporate cog. I ordered Trinity to make me coffee and sexually harassed Loki for good measure. I'm exhausted but I got so much done and tomorrow I can just spin around in my office chair and email pictures of kittens to my coworkers. It will be sweet.

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Flickr Prawn
2007-06-25 12:29 a.m.

Whoops!So I'm bouncing around on Flickr and doing my moderatorly duties at the 365 Group and I notice I have two new emails. Whoopies. One tells me that Stacy9 has marked me as a friend. I don't know Ms. Stacy9 so that's nice of her. I guess. The next is an actual email from Stacy9 telling me how much she likes my photos and she really wants me to look at her pictures and could I please please, oh please, mark her as a friend too. I click on the handy link to look at her pictures and take a swig of Diet Coke as the page loads. I then inhale the Diet Coke and cough, gasp and sneeze as it fills my sinus cavity. Not only is Stacy9 naked, but she's naked, spread eagle, and insterting multiple things into multiple places all at once. Stacy9! What the hell!? I quickly exit out of there. She didn't even mark her photos as moderate so I'd have to click the "yes I know this person's a pervert but I really want to see them naked" button. I didn't even have the kitten escape button*. I had to look for the home link and click on it while adverting my eyes. As the home page loaded and the diet coke bubbles were quietly popping in my sinuses and running down the back of my throat, I had a moment to reflect. Was this some kind of joke? Was she just trying to lure in random people and then get them to visit her pay per view sex cam? Did she think I was a lesbian? Did she think I had neato private pictures that she could have access to? That might have been it. I did get a rather nice email earlier this week from a couple asking me if I had any "private pictures" on Flickr and could they have access to them. Since they asked nicely I told them nicely that my family was on Flickr and all my photos are public. I think for the most part my pictures are really dorky and funny. Sort of like this blog. Even the pictures I consider my "sexy" pictures are pretty goofy and not at all serious. Maybe that's what people find attractive, but I certainly don't think I'm putting out the vibe that I have nasty pictures of me doing nasty things. Damn it, Jim, I'm an artist not a pornographer! Honestly, I'm just not interested in looking at webcam stills of strange people's private parts. If I'm not dating you, I probably don't want to see what's in your pants. That's just me. I like artistic nudes. I find those interesting to look at. But sex acts? No thanks. And Stacy9, you own me a Diet Coke.

* When a person's account is marked as Moderate there will be an escape button at the top of their page that says "Take Me to the Kittens!" and when you click on it, you're taken to some nice happy kitten pictures.

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