Migraines and petting chairs.
2007-03-07 11:16 p.m.

Migraine 13/365I had a migraine to end all migraines today. There was migraine medication, there was barfing, there was sleeping on the bathroom floor, there was some mouth to mouth resuscitation by the cats but I think I was already breathing and they were just being dramatic and wanted their food dish refilled. Eventually I brought my cute little pink bathroom garbage can to bed with me and wished for death. The cats snuck in one at a time and there was about a blissful half and hour while Loki was curled up against my ass and Trin was in my arms with her head under my chin. Then my neighbor came home and they ran out to the front room. Like he has ever come over before. Besides, he's a dog person. They're the same way with the telephone. "When has anyone ever called you?" I ask them and they just blink at me all enigmatically and it makes me wonder what they really do when I'm a work.

Growing up our cat would always jump onto the barstool that was next to the telephone on the wall (before cordless phones were popular) whenever the phone rang. The family would always joke that she was answering the phone. I, however, pointed out to them, that whoever was on the phone would absentmindedly pet the cat while they were talking. It was the Petting Chair and when someone called the cat knew she'd have a captive audience and get her lovin' in.

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The writing life.
2007-03-06 11:54 p.m.

NaNoZenoI was listening to music and enjoying the sun when I first noticed him in the seat next to me. A 180 pound black timber wolf in a miata is kind of hard to miss. I slammed on the breaks at the stoplight and turned in my seat.

"Micah!" I threw my arms around him and buried my face in his fur. He smelled so familiar, like pine needles and musk, like sex on the forest floor after a heavy spring rain.

I was surprised to see him. Out of all of them, I wasn't expecting Micah. Traffic started flowing again and I had to turn back to the street.

"How's Aidan? What about the couple that joined the pack, are they okay?"

My eyes blurred momentarily and I could feel him transforming. When I looked back he was in human form but the green eyes were still the same. He didn't answer my questions but looked at me, smiling, knowing that I should already have the answers. I should, I do, if I had taken the time to go deep inside the part of me that creates people out of scents, out of memories, spin them out of words and feelings.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"You needed me," he said simply.

He leaned back in the seat and put his arm around my shoulder and we drove home in companionable silence. It felt good. I wondered briefly if anyone thought it was strange that there was a naked man in my car. Then I realized that I was the only one who could see him.

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Talk to the hand.
2007-03-05 8:51 a.m.

One man, one woman, one finger.I was waiting in line at customer service in Fred Meyers and this old lady trundled up behind me. She was dragging this big wheeled cart behind her. I guessed so she could wheel her groceries home. She had this amazing ankle length fake fur coat and had her panties in a gigantic wad over something. She was grumbling angrily to herself and obviously wanted me to ask her what was wrong. I scratched my head and then took out my cellphone to inspect the cover. Finally, she poked me in the shoulder. "You know that Adam's guy is suing the city to allow gay marriage," she spat angrily to me. Even though she was only inches away from my face, she didn't smell scary like I expected, although I was rather mesmerized by her bright coral lipstick. She didn't quite have her facts right and it was obvious that she wanted me to agree with her, expected me to agree with her. Well, I voted for Adams. I smiled a tiny smile and said to her face. "I don't have a problem with that." You would have thought I smacked her across the face with a halibut. She sputtered, hemmed and hawed, not wanting to let this go. "Well, uh, it's that. I don't approve of the route he's going, see, he's suing and, uh, commissioners shouldn't, uh, er, resources, suing, uh." I'm sorry, but just because someone is old doesn't mean that I'm going to listen to them spew hate. I can disagree with her while still being pleasant and respectful but being old doesn't give you a free pass to say whatever the hell you want. Soon I was at one customer service window and she was helped at the next. I heard her go into her spiel again. The customer service girl just smiled and nodded her head vacantly. I sighed.

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