Paging Doctor Kitten.
2007-04-18 9:34 p.m.

Paging Dr. KittenTo truly enjoy this picture it's best clicked on and viewed large. I like how I was able to blend my hair in with Dr. Cameron's. What freaks me out is that I no longer have boobs and my arms look freakishly long to me. He he. I Photoshopped this up this morning while I was waiting for my coffee to kick in. I got up at a ridiculous hour and worked my ass off all day. Loki was totally Mama's little helper today. He spent all day holding down paperwork for me, then he helped me eat my dinner (so very helpful) and finally took a nap with me. Trin spent most of the day exercising. I think she's a little self conscious because I've been calling her Butterball lately. She's getting a round tummy and she's very tiny but quite heavy when you pick her up. So she's been doing wind sprints from the couch to the bathroom and back again. This morning she put the tub on her route and launched into it while I was pouring my bath. Luckily there was only an inch of water. She screamed and scambled out, cursing me while I tried not to giggle. I had to dry her little footsies off before she started back on her route. At least her feet are clean!

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Light at the end of the tunnell perhaps.
2007-04-17 1:20 p.m.

Broken WingOn Sunday I kept stopping whenever I walked by the fridge, I wasn't hungry, it was the calendar. I'd stop, look at April 15h, flutter my eyelashes and move on. Then it hit me, like a ton of mayonaise, taxes were due! I learned later of course that taxes are actually due today but I didn't know that on Sunday. I freaked myself out and ran around the house to all the "special" places I choose to stick receipts, forms and all that paperwork I get that may be important sometime later. I sat down with a diet coke and surfed on over to TurboTax and started entering figures and doing calculations. The nice thing about owning a house is itemizing your deductions. The actual process of itemizing your deductions is tedious and a pain in the ass, but the results are worth it. I'm so looking forward to getting some money in my account. I feel like I've been so poor, ever since I got screwed out of the year end bonuse, I've been hurting. Now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can fix up the house and sell it. I want a bigger house, less yard, a roommate and a housekeeper. It sounds terribly pretentious but it would help me out quite a bit if someone came in once a week and did the tidying and scrubbing that I just can't bring myself to do. Life's too short to scrub a toilet. Actually I like cleaning the bathroom, I just can't stand vacuuming, dusting and doing the dishes. More later.

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