Anorexia or Why Cant You Triptyline Like I Do?
2007-04-14 3:15 p.m.

Flower Child 51/365So ten days ago I got put on a new medication. I've been fighting going on antidepressants the whole time I've been sick. I've been seeing my guru regularly and she's a psychologist, so I figure my mental health is under close guard. I've also been keeping close tabs on myself to make sure I don't get too upset or fall into any negative thinking patterns. When I'm frustrated or feeling sad I cry and whine and then I'm fine. However my doc talked me into going on a low dose of Nortriptyline. It's an old school antidepressant. Her thinking was, it works very well with chronic pain and also helps establish better sleep patterns so I grudingly said Okay. I feel almost like I have to do whatever they tell me so I'll look like a good patient, but I've actually considered this drug on my own off and on. So once I started it, I did notice a nice lift to my mood. That was rather nice. Next I noticed that I wasn't eating. Ever. I've lost five pounds so far. Anorexia (not eating or being intoelrant of food) is a side effect, not to be confused with the eating disorder where someone consciously restricts food. I'm fairly certain this is just a short term thing, I seem to remember I dropped about ten pounds when I went on the pill years ago. If I get underweight I'll worry about it, but we have a ways to go before that happens (dammit). For now I'll enjoy not feeling hungry and watching the numbers on the scale tick downwards. (I gained five pounds while I was on disability in Jan/Feb so I'm just back to where I was at the beginning of the year).

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Houston We Have a Problem.
2007-04-13 10:54 a.m.

Even Fairies Have Bad Days 49/365I spent the day at the hospital going to appointments and then getting pulmonary function tests done to make sure there's no sarcoidosis in my lungs. I'm thinking we'll move these out to every year. Then again my pulmonologist is cute and fun and we really have a good time during my office visits. When I can make my doctor laugh at me by telling him the medication I'm on works just great aside from making me throw up every Sunday, we'll that's just good doctoring. I asked my rheumatologist to adjust my pain meds. I really really wanted more of the short term meds for breakthrough pain but he was focused on long acting solutions, so he doubled my current medication. I took it last night and Houston, we have a problem! Kungfukitten has left Earth's atmostphere and is circling Mars. Holy crap, Batman. Either I was super convincing in telling him I was in pain or he thinks I'm a three hundred pound man. I'm thinking a little adjustment in the downward direction is warranted. Sheesh.

On a different note I got a package from Carushka today. I love Carushka clothing so very much, but her prices are way too high for my budget. However, she always has a sale room and I'm on the mailing list for the weekly specials, so I keep my eyes on cool things and snap them up when they go on sale. Well I bought a little jacket with a fake fur collar and a t-shirt. I just opened my package and there was a pair of pants inside! I checked the receipt and I wasn't charged for them. They're black (bonus!) but a size large and I normally wear a medium, but they're a tight spandexy material, so I think they'll actually fit if I hem them. Free pants. My day just started looking up.

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Silly Neurologist Tricks
2007-04-11 10:37 p.m.

Not a StitchI love our doctors at work. They are a never ending source of entertainment. I asked one of my favorite docs, Dr. D, about pupil dilation and medications this afternoon. You see, I got put on a new med and every morning my right pupil is blown. It doesn't bother me but I was curious about what caused it and if I should be concerned about it. He went into a lecture on neuropathways, adrenaline and physiologic changes from pain. "I can make my pupil expand at will." "No way!" I said. "I'll even let you choose which eye." "The left one!" He took off his glasses, stared at me and then pinched the left side of his neck hard. At first nothing happened and then all of a sudden his pupil started dilating. "Oh my God! That's so cool!" So how many of you are running to the mirror and squeezing your neck about now? Okay I'll wait here until you get back. Did it work? Now you have a new trick to show your friends. Bet them some money first.

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Infectious disease carrying urchins must placed in straight jackets.
2007-04-09 11:14 p.m.

Kung Fu Hamster Friday 43/365I swear if I didn't hang out in the hospital, I wouldn't have anything to blog about. Maybe that will change soon. It is spring afterall, and if I do say so my girlie mojo is at an all time high. *Flips hair* I had to go get my eyes checked today and the ophthalmologist plugged up my right tear duct with a little plug to see if it would keep my eye from getting as dry. She also told me I'd have to give up my beloved contact lenses which nearly caused me to drive my car off a bridge on my way home. For some odd reason I decided not to eat anything today, and since I was technically fasting by the time my appointment was done (why my eye exams last two hours is beyond me) I went to the lab to get the bloodwork my doctor ordered for me last week. There was a bit of a wait so I had to hang out in th waiting room. The lady I was sitting directly behind was yacking on her cellphone and letting her son run wild. I hate hate hate it when parents pretend to ignore their children and let them be destructive because they're too lazy to be a parent. Her son, Jake, was working diligently at depotting a large palm tree while she blathered on. "Well, I had this really bad stomach thing last week so I really didn't think about my throat until one of the kids at school came down with strep. *cough cough*" I surreptitiously scooted forward in my chair to get away from her and her germs. "Then Jake started coughing and I thought we'd all better come in and get tested. *hack hack*" Jake is now playing with the drinking fountain which includes making it run while he rubs his now muddy hands all over the spigot and the button. At this point I'm sitting on the first half inch of the seat. Mom finally gets off the phone and the nurse walks over to her with the test results. Her, Jake and the baby all have strep throat. Jake is now ripping magazines in half with his teeth while mom reads the flier and gets back on the phone to tell someone about the test results and how she now has to go to the pharmacy and get antibiotics.

I'm wondering how many people Jake will infect with strep before he even gets home tonight. I'm wondering if Kaiser has enough Purel for me to bathe in before I leave the premises. I'm afraid to touch anything. When they call my name I stand up and almost black out, not only have I not eaten for nine hours, but I realized I've been holding my breath in an effort to not inhale any of their evil strep germs. As I leave a few pints lighter, I have to go down this long hall that connects the two buildings and there's my friend Jake with grandmama. Jake is on the otherside of the automatic doors licking the glass and rubbing his disgusting slimy hands all over the doors. Now I know where mom gets her parenting skills from. I mean seriously, they have an ill infectious child and they're letting him lick and handle everything. What the hell are they thinking? So I'm walking down the hall, striding with purpose to get the hell out of there. I make sure my timing is perfect. As soon as I get close to the doors I make an elaborate Harry Potteresque hand gesture and the automatic doors slam open for me. Jake squeals in delight and jumps up and down clapping his sticky hands. I hold my breath and walk past the disgusting little bugger before he can infect me. I don't smile until I get into the elevator.

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