They seem more relaxed lately.
2008-04-29 2:10 p.m.

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Some thoughts on anime.
2008-04-27 3:58 p.m.

So I've been taking advantage of the free anime that people have illegally uploaded onto YouTube. I've really enjoyed Tactics which is about a folklorist who also disspells demon possessions and has a sexy goblin side kick. I've watched some English dubbed episodes from iTunes and then the same episodes on YouTube in Japanese with English subtitles. It's kind of funny how they don't line up. My other favorite has been Gunslinger Girls, Death Note, and Kaze no Stigma. What is it with the Japanese and fighting? They want to kill and beat the crap out of everyone. Not only that but they'll even build robots to beat the crap out of everyone. I'm getting better at distinguishing genders of anime characters. The problem is they make these malnourished male characters with really long hair and feminine features and pouty lips. They look like american supermodels but, no, they are men! Manly men that fight! The key is to look at the chest. There is no such thing as an A cup in Anime. It's D or higher! Even in elementary school girls. Giant titties = girls, Malnourished bodies and concave chests = men. Got that?

I also don't get this whole hentai thing. I wanted to look up Loveless because I saw some pictures from it and liked the artwork and thought it was about a man and his little S&M kitty girl. I should have looked closer. Kitty girl did not have gigantic knockers. Kitty girl is a kitty boy and they don't lose their ears until they have s-e-x. So it's a story about a little boy and a 20 something man who's always trying to kiss and fondle him and tells him that he loves him. Plus there's fighting! It wouldn't be anime without everyone trying to beat the shit out of each other. They even joke that this guy has a Lolit@ c0mplex. (Google, don't let me down). Of course, with two men, it's not really a LC thing. It's more of a child m0lest3r thing (Google don't bring the weirdoes around here.). Needless to say, I have mixed feeling about watching this. I mean, what would detective Benson do? She'd shoot the motherfucker and put the boy into foster care. No fighting with Zero for you! Oy. So let's make a promise between us. Let's not tell the perverts about anime. Okay? It'll be our little secret.

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They're in the attic.
2008-04-26 10:44 p.m.

It was the middle of the night and something woke me up. I wasn't sure what it was but my bladder told me that a trip to the bathroom would be a good idea before going back to sleep. I was tip toeing through the kitchen and I noticed Trinity was in her basket staring out the window with her eyes as big as saucers. Then from the corner of the house I heard a sound which can only be described as a wookie trying to take off a lycra dress two sizes too small. I grabbed a spatula (It was the closest weapon at hand) and walked into the breakfast nook and watched a raccoon slip out of an impossibly small hole in my roof and then slid down the drainpipe like a fireman. I watched the raccoon climb the fence and then hang off my neighbor's gutter, trying desperately to get onto the roof. Then I noticed there was another raccoon on my neighbor's roof already looking down his chimney! These were no cute little raccoons. They were like gigantic fence scaling dogs. Finally, the one hanging off the gutter gave up and started meandering down the fence and the other one followed him. They went to the end of the yard and and disappeared into the night. Now I'm afraid I have a bazillion overweight raccoons living in my house with me.

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