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Halo Askew - 2006-01-27 19:25:12
Wil Wheaton ( mentioned Disk Warrior in one of his recent posts when he was having Mac problems: I'm not a Mac user myself, but supposedly this utility is the shit. Perhaps it might help. Also, you may have spyware/adware/malware issues. Check into free scanning and repair software at I clicked around and found this link for MacScan (15 day trial available). I didn't read the reviews, but you might want to check it out: Alright, I'm done being a geek now. It's FRIDAY NIGHT for godssakes! Time to do laundry and sing to the dogs. :)

glockgirl - 2006-01-28 16:26:07
Your iBook is hot, even when turned off?? Have you thought about an exorcism? Sounds like spirit activity to me!

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