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Marn, eh - 2006-01-24 19:49:58
Man, this has been *such* a struggle for you. I don't think I could take it. I hope you turn the corner on this soon.

Kat - 2006-01-24 20:01:56
Prednisone sucks. I have to give it to my dog - treatment reason is due to his allergies? Guess it works like benadryl for dogs. Don't know if it makes his hair fall out or not, but he's kind of a shed-monster anyhow. Happy Tuesday Guestbook/note signing day!

Smoog - 2006-01-25 00:47:17
Steroids of all kinds blow chunks, but they do a necessary job, so I suppose it's better to blow baby chunks in order to avoid blowing bombastic chunks.

Kungfukitten - 2006-01-25 01:29:58
Surprisingly I'm tolerating the steroids pretty well. Their helping with the joint swelling and the only side effect I have is difficulty sleeping and some hypertention that I'm keeping an eye on. I'm on a taper which means each week I take less and lesss so it's not too bad. It's just something you don't want to take for long periods of time. Then you get weight gain, water retention, mood swings, total insomnia, strokes, the usual... maybe Methotrexate would make me feel better without any side effects. Stupid illness. Gack.

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