Clean versus Really Clean!
2009-08-11 10:19 p.m.

I eat the same thing for dinner most nights. It's really boring, but I don't have to think much about it and it's healthy. Half cup of rice, baked chicken breast and some little carrots. Crunch crunch crunch. I'm also lazy so I don't usually clean up until I get home from work the next day.

I was holding a frozen chicken breast in my hand and marveling at my clean cutting board. "I totally don't remember cleaning that last night." I muttered as I put the chicken breast into the microwave to thaw. But the cutting board was undeniably clean, there was absolutely no doubting that. So I baked my chicken breast, cut it up into tiny pieces on the cutting board and then put everything into a bowl with just a little bit of sweet chili sauce and drizzling of peanut sauce.

Flash forward to the middle of the night. I have to walk through the kitchen in order to get to the bathroom. When I'm halfway through I hear this strange sound. It sounds like someone is playing with a worn out piece of velcro. riiiiiiip! riiiiiiip! riiiiiiiip! I slowly turn my head to the side and Loki is on the counter meticulously licking every millimeter of the cutting board. "You're just dreaming." I said to myself and kept walking.

Tonight I washed the cutting board. Before and after I made dinner.

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