Katherine Howard, going blind, flying mice.
2007-01-20 1:17 p.m.

I was up way too late finishing The Boleyn Inheritance. I was sad at the ending, even though I knew that Katherine Howard was going to get her head chopped off. The poor girl was only sixteen years old and Henry the Eighth was fifty and morbidly obese with a gangrenous leg. Of course she would fool around with a younger man at court.

I'm not sure what's wrong with my left eye, I can't see very well out of it. A few days ago my eyes got all red and inflammed so I started the steroids drops again. It's helped quite a bit, they don't look red any more but my left eye seems to be so dry that it's a little swollen and everything is blurry. I'm reading and typing just using my right eye. Not a whole lot of fun.

Loki spends a lot of time looking down the heating vent in the bathroom. I sat next to him and looked down it too for awhile. I couldn't see anything, but he seems utterly transfixed. After the mouse episode, I'm almost afraid to turn the heater on. I mean, what if it shoots live mice out of the vents?

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Today my cat became a man.
2007-01-18 3:24 p.m.

I was watching Tivo and noticed Loki was enthusiastically playing with a toy in the dining room. Wow, he's really having fun, I thought. I glanced over and noticed how interactive the little toy was. Too interactive. In fact, it was jumping and running around on it's own volition. I then did what any woman would do. I let out a blood curdling girly ass scream. Then I flew into action. I grew up on an island that was filled with rats and mices and cats that would bring them to you live as presents, so I knew exactly what to do. I raced into the kitchen and grabbed a clean glass and ran back to Loki. I grabbed him by the scruff of his furry little neck and pulled. It looked like he was attempting to swallow the mouse whole. It was jammed so deep in his mouth he couldn't even growl at me. I shook him a tiny bit until he barfed up the mouse. I slammed the cup down on mousie, making sure not to cut off his little tail. The little bugger had enough problems, like being covered in cat spit. I slipped a postcard under the glass and took mousie out to the porch and let him go free. In hindsight this was a pretty lame ass thing to do, as mousie bolted down the stairs and pretty much rolled and bounced all the way down them. I assured myself that mice are naturally clumsy and fall down stairs all the time for fun, I thought as I watched him run across the snow to hide under the fence. I found my camera and tip toed into the slushy snow in my socks so I could take a picture of him for you. I think he's all right. His skin wasn't broken and he sure ran like hell. I think Loki just chewed and drooled on him. Loki's now strutting around the house like he's Dog the Bounty Hunter. He also keep looking under the table for the mouse, like he didn't watch me take his spoils of war and release it outside. Duh. Well, this is the first time he's ever seen a live mouse, let alone captured and tasted one. Today He is a Man. Trin, on the other hand paw, missed the whole thing. She was sleeping on the heating vent. Meh.

The Spoils of War

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Snow story with clicky pictures.
2007-01-17 1:29 a.m.

Today's adventure included a trip to the Quickie Mart again. As there was no way in hell my car was going to be able to function in the snow, I put on my Doc Marten boots and my big druid coat and set off in the snow. Soon one of my neighbors caught up with me on her way to the video store which is across the street from the store. We made small talk about snow and work. I took my camera with me so I could take pictures. Up the road was a mom and her two teenage daughters taking a break on their porch. They had worked all day on their snow fort. I asked if I could take a picture and they proudly said I could but wanted me to know that it was not finished! They have grand architectural plans for this fort. I was kind of bummed out that I didn't see any snowmen. Although I was happy to discover that Francesca and Ransom built one. Since the gatitos are indoor cats I brought in a snowball for them. Loki nearly had a heart attack when he touched it with his paw and it was cold. He thought it bit him! Eventually I threw it in the tub to let it melt. Loki sat in the tub with it waiting for it to melt so he could drink the snow water. Never mind the five water dishes and cat foutain, he wanted snow water.

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Snow symphony.
2007-01-16 6:58 a.m.

One crazy thing about being on disability, is that I'm up at six in the morning with horrible joint pain. However, I was able to watch it start snowing. I went outside in the dark to take a couple of pictures and the sound of the snow landing on the grass and concrete was so beautiful. I felt like I was the only person in the world.


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So much for counting sheep.
2007-01-16 3:43 a.m.

I was attacked by a herd of sheep early this morning. I should probably rephrase that. I was asleep and somehow my hot and sexy dream about Captain Hotpants was interrupted by me being over run by a gigantic herd of bleating sheep. For some reason they were all wearing sparkly gold eyeshadow. (That's what I get for browsing at Sephora.com before going to bed). When I woke up I sat up in bed but could still hear the sheep. It was Trinny. She had a cat toy in her mouth and was making sheep noises. It's a long plastic wand with a length of stretch fabric with a feathery thing velcroed to the end. It's very difficult for her to drag around in her mouth but she was determined to bring it to me in bed. I'm not sure what the sheep imitations were about. Maybe she was just fucking with me.

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