Wood putty
2001-09-30 4:40 p.m.

My house is covered in wood putty. Women simply don't do this sort of thing. When there's a dent in a door we do one of three things

1. Ignore it.

2. Paint over it, using it somewhere in our design.

3. Buy a new door.

I have three areas in my house that are completely covered in wood putty. Sanding comes next and then I'm expected to buy some paint to cover it. This stresses me out. How can I come up with a really hip color scheme under such short notice?

Yesterday Simon and his ex roomate worked on installing a recessed light on the porch. This simple project was suppose to take 1 hour. They worked from 3-9pm which included two trips to home depot and one trip to the Fred Meyers home section (for another case of wood putty I suppose). Now when I walk outside there is a beautiful light surrounded by, yes, you guessed it. Wood putty.

I tried to help but was pretty much in the way so I retreated to the backyard with my digital camera to play around. I took a few pix of the cats and then some outrageously dorky self photographs. Because I figure I already have about 300 photos of my cats and one of my biggest fears in life is growing up to be the crazy cat lady at the end of the street. You know, the one with 37 cats who's gone completely insane that all the neighborhood children are terrified of.

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