How we met.
2008-06-14 3:52 a.m.

Hey there. Smashthegas is out on vacation so I did a guest entry on his blog for him. I decided to write about how we first met when I was working for Interpol and he was a detective in London. So go say hi to Smash and welcome him home from Vacation.

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Plan Screw The Man: Failed.
2008-06-08 10:08 p.m.

I paid a whopping $30 for Quicktime Pro so I could Screw The Man *wait, I'm going to take a personal moment here while I think about those three words. Okay, I'm done* and download all the free anime I want and turn it into cute little files for my iPhone. Everywhere I've read says you can get HIGH QUALITY little cellular videos. They're called 3gp's. So I whipped me up some 3gps and they look like utter crap. The original mp4s are beautiful with crisp and clean subtitles that you can actually read. If I scale the videos down visually to the same size as my iPhone it's still beautiful. What am I doing wrong? My Screwing the Man Plan is failing horribly! Feel free to laugh here at the double entendre. I sure am. The fact is, my Japanese just isn't that good. I need those subtitles. Pretty much all I can do is understand when the characters names are said and I know moshi moshi and hi and that screaming noise the characters make when something super embarrassing happens to them. I even went and installed Perian in case it was a subtitle thing but I can't even tell if Perian is doing anything. It's installed. It's in my settings, but I don't see any little Perians running around making my videos crystal clear with beautiful subtitles. I can read subtitles when I'm on YouTube. Maybe the videos I'm downloading are really poor quality, even though they actually look nice when I play them in Quicktime or through iTunes. My head is about to explode. I'm giving up for tonight.

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