Cars, busses and no free beef.
2009-02-03 1:01 a.m.

I've spent the last four days trying to get my brakes fixed at Les Schwab. First they take my car apart while I wait and tell me what's wrong with it. Front brakes need to be replaced. Then I make an appointment for Saturday afternoon. Saturday I drive to Les Schwab and they want to reschedule me. I ask if I can just leave my car there and they can do it sometime that day, I don't care when the fuck they do it. Excuse my Francais. I pay $2 and take the bus home. They call me at 4:30 and say they don't have the parts. What the hell? Didn't they check for parts when they made the appointment? I mean it's a big place, but I can't believe they have every brake system for every car ever made in their back room all the time. Am I wrong? They put my car back together (again) and I go pick her up and make another appointment for today, er yesterday, Monday, whatever. I drove to Les Schwab, rode the bus downtown, was late for work, but luckily my boss called in sick *high five!*

Sometimes I miss riding the bus. People watching is quite interesting and someone always comes around hitting you up for change "for the bus" when it's probably for fourty ouncer, but whatever. I had to buy a diet coke from the quickie mart in our building so I'd have exact change for the bus money collector. You put in a five dollar bill and you don't get change. You just get a paper transfer. The bus driver home was pretty hilarious. I took a Limited ride because I just wanted to get the hell out of downtown and asked him at 39th if he got any closer to Les Schwab. He offered to place me in front of the door and hit the eject button when we came near it. I ran over to the door and immediately assumed a diving position which made everyone laugh. I can't help it. I'm an improv actor. Unfortunately, I wasn't catapulted and had to walk two blocks and run across the five lane highway (I like to live on the wild side) to retrieve my vehicle. It's always weird when I get in my car and fall flat on my back due to the mechanics adjusting the seat back so they can fit in my tiny car. Well, now I'll be able to stop without that annoying grinding noise. I also noticed my parking brake works better. What's up with that?

Did you know you can spell the plural of bus as buses or busses? Which do you use? Buses looks like bew-says to me.

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