Miss Willow if You're Nasty
2012-11-03 2:46 a.m.

Play Time I was seeing a lot of advertisements around town, urging people to adopt cats from the Humane Society. I had been thinking bout getting a playmate for Trinity as my beloved Loki passed away a year and five months ago. I'd browse the Humane Society Website from time to time but nothing clicked. Until I saw the picture of a tiny black kitten called "Lucie." She was amazing, a slick black ball with yellow eyes. The perfect familiar for any witch.

She was at an outreach facility called Lexi Dog on Macadam. I went down right after they opened and had the opportunity to sit inside the orphanarium with a herd of kittens. Talk about bliss! A two month old puff ball named Tumbleweed scaled my chest and attempted to go head first into my cleavage. I redirected her and zipped her up between my t-shirt and cardigan. Lucie was dragged out of her sleeping den and began to play. She got along well with the other cats and was cute and lively. Her eyes and nose looked clear and she demonstrated her litter box abilities for me. At one point someone let a little flying bug into the room and she executed a fine verticle leap and bitch slapped the insect to the ground. Another admirable ability I could use around he house. Of course as soon as I had her in the car she started sneezing. Luckily the first vet visit is free and the sneezing has cleared on its own.

I'd forgotten how much energy kittens have and how they don't sleep at night. If she's not attacking my ass, she's pulling books off the bookshelf or she's in the closet trying on all my shoes. But she's sweet and fun and when she curls up with Trinity and purrs as Trin washes her face, I feel everything's right in the world.

Naming her was hard, Lucie is currently the #1 cat name right now, which is why the HS probably chose it. I liked the name Meroe (Mare-oh-way), but I saw the name Willow and it just clicked. It was nature, it was mystical, it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it was a cheesy 80's movie. It was perfect. So she's been dubbed Willow or Willowkins if you're feeling cutesy.

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NaNo 2012
2012-11-02 2:41 p.m.

It's that time of year again. Time for NaNoWriMo which means National Novel Writing Month to those who don't know. It's time to whack out 50,000 words over the next thirty days. I wasn't serious about writing this year until Dave the Assassin started haunting me again. You see, I have imaginary friends. Some people would call them characters in a story but mine tend to follow me around even after I'm done writing. They talk to me, climb into the bathtub with me and whisper in my ear when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. Some times they're more active than others. Right now I've got a tall dark and handsome vampire assassin plaguing me. I've lived with Dave for years. He comes and goes. Right now he's camping out with me and swears he's in it for the long haul. He has a story that needs to be told and it's my job to spin it. It's not like I don't get anything back. I'm in the story too. I'm part of all the characters, especially the main character. I get to experience this adventure too. When I write there is a certain point where the words dissolve and I'm inside the book. Everything is three dimensional, full of color, scent and sound. I'm typing but I don't feel it. Instead I'm dodging bullets, chasing bad guys and kissing hot vampires in dark crypts. It's a pretty sweet way to live.

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