Words, words and more words.
2007-11-02 1:07 a.m.

So today is November first. Crap. It's 1:07, which means it's November the second. Let's pretend I'm in Hawaii and I'm lying drunk on the beach on three too many Mai Thais and it's still November first. This means it's the kick off of NaNoWriMo, and if you've been living under a rock that does't have WiFi, that means National Novel Writing Month when a bunch of us pretentious types get together, give ourselves carpal tunnel syndrome and let our imagination go nuts to the tune of 50,000 words. I had a good day today and whacked out 1,710 words. I mentioned the word blood a whole heck of a lot and no, this isn't a vampire novel. The poor lass, Fortune, got punched out by her cocaine rattled rockstar boyfriend. I'm not sure why he needed to punch her. I'm sure there are more grown up ways to break up a perfectly terrible relationship, but I wanted her to show up in her new logging town beaten and bruised. If you think I've gone mainstream into the realm of the Oxygen network - never fear! I've got a sexy elf king named Jack who's going to become thoroughly entangled with her and I also have an adorable little selkie she's going to make freinds with. Her neighbor is also a voodoo priestess and the local police officer is flaming. There may also be some traveling to and fro in time when her great aunt's diary is discovered. I'm still unsure if Jack was her great aunt Millie's lover too and he's some sort of watcher of the women in her family or if he should be solely be Fortune's love interest. I don't want it too much like Star Trek Next Generation's Sub Rosa which was in turn a rip off of Anne Rice's The Witching Hour. I guess my characters will tell me as they go along.

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Omigod look in the sky!
2007-10-31 11:15 p.m.

Happy Halloween! I hope you guys had fun. While I enjoyed the spirit of it all, I mean I'm a wiccan buddhist (don't ask), so it's a fun holiday for me. However, I didn't really participate. I was late to work and the fabulous potluck my coworkers put together was pretty much picked over. I did score some yummy grapes which with my illness is about all that sounds palatable and good for me, so I was happy. Half-way through the day a coworker purchased a to-go-crate of Starbucks and said to me "Does that doctor let you drink coffee?" "Oh yeah," I said and we sipped coffee together. It was nice to get a bit of a buzz in the afternoon, which would explain why I want to wax the cats at 11:19pm. I got home and had a frozen waffle for dinner. It was that or nothing. Not because I don't have food, but because nothing sounded delish. Nothing even sounded lish. Next I took a handful of pills and watched an episode of The Simpsons Halloween adventure.

As soon as it got dark I turned off all the lights and hid in the back bedroom. Isn't that lame? Normally, I turn on all the nights, leave the gate open and sweep off the porch and hand out handfulls of candy, wave at the parents and talk to all the children with my cat ears on. I just didn't have it in my this year. Le sigh.

Currently, the cats are running around the house like they're hyped up on sugar. Maybe they went Trick or Treating. I did drift off for an hour or so.

I'm fairly psyched about NaNoWriMo. I feel ready. My characters feel ready. My main character is named Fortune and tonight, at midnight, she's going to get punched out by her rockstar wannabe boyfriend. Poor girl. The things I do to my main characters. Glockgirl has slapped my face with the gauntlet and executed a perfect flying roundhouse kick to my head. I have graciously accepted then pointed into the sky and said "Omigod, what's that." and punched her in the solar plexus when she was looking and ran. So IT'S ON. This means we'll be racing each other's word count and the first person to reach 50,000 words or have the most words completed by midnight November 30, 2007, midnight will get, will get, uh, I guess we don't have that part ironed out yet. I vote for $25 at Amazon.com or some goodies off the others wishlist. What do you think Glockgirl?

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