The Lime People
2008-04-01 4:15 a.m.

I had to get out of bed to type up this dream. Crystal had a dream about me awhile back so I guess I'm returning the favor. We had cameras and were doing some sort of Scooby Doo sleuthing around a department/fabric store with our cameras. We were at the end of the store and there was this bed being set up with sheets and pillows. It was invoking a kind of East coast beach tadoo. It even had pictures of old wooden row boats painted at the end of the bed. The designer kept asking me if I liked it and I wasn't answering her because I thought it was a bit pretentious. Finally, I said I'd much prefer black sheets with bats on them and a pillow case with Adrian from the Young Ones on it. Crystal reached into her bag and pulled out a knife and some limes and started cutting them into slices. We'd hold our lime slices up high and yell in beakeresque (like Beaker from the muppets) voicese "Limes! Limes!" Until we'd meet up with the beer people who'd give us beer for limes. I'm going back to bed, I'm probably going to forget I wrote this. Cheers.

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Play by play action!
2008-03-31 10:21 p.m.

I'm having a panic attack right now. Want to know what it feels like? It's like one of those movies where the heroine takes the huge needle of adrenaline and stabs herself directly in the heart with it and pushes the plunger home. I can't breathe and I hear this high pitched noise, although, I think that's my hard drive. *smack* Yeah, it was the hard drive. I wish I could smack my chest and get everything to go back to normal levels. I keep standing up and sitting down, standing up and sitting down.

Enough of this. I just took two teeny tiny white pills and put them under my tongue. A little secret the pharmacist told me about. It's probably not as quick as stabbing a needle into the heart but much safer and who the hell puts sedatives directly into the heart anyway? What purpose would that serve? I don't want to know. So kids, don't try this at home. Really, when my heart is beating this fast, I just tell myself I'm burning extra calories without having to put in an exercise tape. It's the lazy girl's answer to cellulite, just freak yourself into a panic attack and start pacing around the house muttering to yourself about money, work and the stock market.

Speaking of the stock market, I own a whopping 52 shares of BELM which was delisted. Does that mean I lost all my money (not that is was much). I'm trying to figure out what it means and what I need to do, if anything. I imagine there will be a class action suit in a year like there was with AT&T. I have bad stock mojo.

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Meditate or Medicate?
2008-03-27 7:58 p.m.

I've decided to quit taking the antipsychotic sleep medicine. There's a reason why people who are psychotic and appropriately medicated are tied to a bed. It's so they'll only drool in one easily to swab location. This medication helped me sleep but it made me want to hide under the covers until it was time to start sleeping again. How the heck am I going to go back to work on that? I can't bring my bed to work with me. (I already asked). I feel much better on the Nortriptyline. It may be old, it may be boring and have no funky commercials but I'm cool with that. I have no side effects and it helps me sleep a little, it helps with pain a little and it helps me think the wold is an okay place. A little.

What I'm finding most helpful is reading and meditating. I know, I never thought I'd be one of those Zen masters who would spend hours sitting in the lotus position and getting uber high off it, but I am. The best part is that the iCrack store has a ton of free guided meditations online. I have a big playlist on my iPhone and I just lay in bed or get all lotusey and spend about an hour meditating. I can't even begin to explain how good it makes me feel. It's the strangest feeling. I really like it. It's one of the tools Miss Josie has given me that I like best and my homework until my next appointment is to meditate every day.

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