Don't forget to tip the mailman
2001-10-02 8:00 a.m.

This morning I put my coffee money into the mail box then tried to pay for my coffee (grande shot in the dark)with the cable bill. Luckily the baristas all know me and said I could pay later. I think they kind of expect this sort of behavior out of me and I guess the mailman will enjoy his $1 tip when he picks up the mail this morning.

I think I have a very small crush on Tony Blair. I think it's the way he enunciates "Surrender Power" in that cute British accent.

I've been trying to figure out alternative economies for Afghanistan after the expected bombings. Instead of opium maybe they could grow soy beans. Soy is the hot product right now, baby boomers eat it to help with hot flashes and bone structure and vegetarians find it a nice non threatening source of protein. My other idea is to grow coffee beans and then put a Starbucks on every corner (Hey, they could even make soy milk lattes-see previous idea)that way Starbucks could buy their beans locally thus stimulate the economy through coffee sales. The coffee houses could provide a venue for a free exchange of ideas and they could even set up internet consoles so these people weren't so damn isolated from the rest of the world.

*sigh* just an idea. America has put aside $7 million dollars for aid for the Afghanistan refugees. We're the only country that goes to war and provides aid at the same time.

1 People have tried to sell me Viagra

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