Dont harsh my massage buzz.
2007-06-15 10:12 p.m.

Turn Off the Lights 111/365After work I went to the chiropractors to get roughed up a bit. I arrived early, but they were able to fit me in by giving me my adjustment first and massage second. Now that's the way to go. I know I'm looser and it's easier for them to whack my spine into place after a massage, but I really hate how getting jumped on harshes my buzz. This way I was able to slither out of the clinic with a dumb ass grin on my face feeling like raspberry jello. I'm not sure how I got home. I assume I drove because my car is here. Then I took a nap. I never sleep as soundly as an after massage nap. I had a dream that I was a fighter pilot. It was cool. I had a jumpsuit, sunglasses and everything. For some reason my jet had the internet, which was a bit weird but whatever.

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A Clutter of Cats.
2007-06-13 12:40 a.m.

Oh Noes! 110/365I spent all evening working on this photo. I had this great idea when I got home of making a cloning machine that the cats n'twent crazy with while I was at work. First I had to make the machine: box, black marker and tin foil- check! Then I had to clean the living room, which was no small feat. In fact I totally over did it and my back is screaming and swearing at me. Oy! Next I had to get the cats to participate in a photoshoot. Cats don't always make the best models. Trinity said she was feeling fat and went and pouted in her trailer. I had to lure her out with mineral water and aquari-yums. Loki was a good model (which is why there's a lot of him) but he wouldn't get in the box! Trin said wasn't going to get in the box if Loki wasn't. Have you ever heard of a cat not wanting to get in a box? What the hell? Oh well, I'm quite happy with how it turned out except for some red eye (and green eye for the cats). I'm such a nerd.

Thanks to everyone who wrote such nice things to me yesterday. I appreciate all your well wishes. You guys totally rock. I'm hoping I'll eventually be back to ass kicking form. It just seems to be taking freaking forever. I have nothing else exciting to report for now. Peace out.

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Blah blah blah pills, blah blah blah Cokie Roberts.
2007-06-11 11:02 p.m.

I Fall Down Stairs.  A Lot. 109/365On Friday I went to the see the specialist that I've been pinning all my hopes and dreams on. The one that was going to turn my patheic life around. Despite my completely unrealistic expectations, I think I might be doing a bit better. She remedicated me and I have less nausea and icky feelings and less pain. That's a pretty cool trade off. It's a rather nice sensation. We still need to tweak with the dosage and there's even another med we can try, but I'm more hopeful. Get this. Yesterday I did the dishes. Today I did two, count them, two loads of laundry. It's crazy. This is the most active I've been in the last two years. Somebody call Dan Rather. Actually cancel that. Somebody call Cokie Roberts! Also, I was informed this morning that I was posted on Babes With Books. Actually it's more like my ass and legs were posted, but I'll take it as a compliment. Geek girls are sexy. I'm off to eat some midnight diet french toast, swallow some pills and watch South Park. Then I'm going to crawl into bed with Cleopatra and hear about her marriage to Anthony. Should be some spicy reading. Kung fu out.

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