Chopped all off.
2007-12-21 11:31 p.m.

So, at about midnight last night I was walking around the house and feeling restless. I wanted to do something big and crazy and give back to the Universe. I wanted to tip the scales of karma in my direction just one more notch so this year, this New Year, will cause all of my dreams to come true.

So what does a sick drugged out girl do? She puts two pony tail holders in her hair and cuts between them. Yep, I cut off ten inches of dirty blonde (interpret that any way you feel is correct) hair and then held the severed pony tail in front of my face with my right hand and stared at the shiny Fiskars in the left hand. Holy Shcuking Fit! What did I just do? I've had long hair since I moved to PDX. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. I'm sending the hair in to Locks of Love. Some little dirty blonde girl or boy with cancer needs it more than I do.

Pictures will be posted soon. I tried to trim it up myself but it looks messy and uneven and not messy sexy, but more like messy I lost my mind and chopped off all my hair. But it's thick, bouncy, curls upwards and sideways and down and makes me look like I'm seventeen years old. I look so much hotter than Brtitney.

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Holly Daze Half Neked.
2007-12-19 10:03 p.m.

It's beginning to feel like the holidays now. My friend Beth took me to see the Oregon Symphony's Yuletide show last weekend, which was really great. The dancers were young and I could tell they were used to a larger stage (they had to share it with the symphony) and their energy would lag half way through a number, but, hey, they're just kids. Plus, I can totally critique cause I was a dancer, jazz, tapp, ballet and toe, all through grade school and junior high.

Another way it's starting to feel holiday-ish is all the packages that are arriving via UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL and the Post Dude! So far I haven't physically entered any store since November. It's all been, ThinkGeek, and Indigo Wild and a few others I'm forgetting. Online shopping rocks. Plus, I got a surprise kicker check back from my state! It was like getting half a pay check out of no where! So freaking cool. For those of you who have asked, my Amazon and Sephora wishlists links on the right side are both updated. If you're not in the Holly Daze spirit yet, then I encourage you to watch the below video. I dare you not to smile and or drool. At the very least it's a giggle. I never get tired of this. Squee!

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