The Search for the Perfect Handbag
2009-09-10 10:56 p.m.

I've had a bad run with purses the last year. Each one I've bought has fallen apart within a few months. I'm hard on my purses. I drag it around everywhere with me and stuff it to near bursting no matter what size. My last little bag is holding up well as far as construction goes but the white seams are peeling off like some sort of rubbery paint. It doesn't look nice. So I was looking for shirts at Ross and I stumbled across an Etienne Aigner handbag with no price tag. There wasn't another one like it. I'm sure it's so very last season but I don't care. It's light brown with harlequin diamonds on the front and a horseshoe charm clipped to the handle. It's flat and square like a tote bag with deep pockets where I can stash books and notebooks. Nice. It cost me a lot more than a cheap ass Ross purse normally does, but I hope this one lasts for awhile.

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Everyone Loses.
2009-09-09 11:26 p.m.

I always thought that Tila Tequila was a drag queen. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it was the outrageous stage name. Plus, I also only saw head shots of her and she was always super glamorous and wearing silver, gold or sparkles. It wasn't until I googled her to find out just who the heck she was and why was a 'roid raged football player strangling her, that I realized she was in fact, female. I missed her bisexual love show on MTV (Take a shot at love with Tila Tequila).

I'm always sensitive to issues regarding violence against women and read all the news articles regarding Tila's assault and don't know what to think. Both characters are sketchy. Who do you believe? The football player that's been suspended for taking steroids or the tattooed playmate who will do anything to be noticed, including faking a pregnancy. Why would a 270 pound man need to restrain a 93 pound women by the neck? He says it's so she wouldn't drive drunk. She says I was being driven around by a car company. He says she was drunk. She says I'm allergic to alcohol. It's messy. It's so very Hollywood. I'm guessing the DA is going to pass on the case because there's no evidence of anything. It's he said, she said. It's tragic if she was hurt and nothing is going to happen. It's just as tragic if he didn't do anything and he was accused, booked and imprisoned for two hours.

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Lots of Information About my Face.
2009-09-07 10:16 p.m.

It wasn't a very eventful weekend. Mostly I just screwed up my sleep schedule by not sleeping at all and then sleeping entirely too much. I'm hoping to make myself super tired so I can get some sleep tonight and have a productive work week.

On Saturday I went in for a facial at Dosha. It was pretty nice, but not the best facial I've ever received. I think she overdid the heavy moisturizers as I've been popping tiny zits the last two days. Right now I've got a mud mask on to help pull out extra oils. I'll start over tonight with a light moisturizer and the last bit of Remede's Double Oxygenating Booster I can get out of the tube. I'm really bummed out that Remede doesn't make this anymore and the new product they made to replace it is half the size and $50 more. Le sigh. I ordered a bottle of MediK8 Firewall and am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. I am embarking on the use of a serum. Crazy. Hopefully I can put my facelift off for another ten years. I've been hooked on the Truth in Aging website. I love their reviews and articles. It really helps on navigate through cleansing, moisturizers, serums and what you should be/shouldn't be doing at your age for your face. It also has me really wanting a Baby Quasar.

Wow, that was a huge paragraph on skin care. Probably more than most of you ever wanted to know. Wait, there's more! Have I mentioned that I want to legally marry my Clarisonic face brush? It's that good. And it vibrates. But seriously, my face has never felt so clean and good before. I actually look forward to washing my face because it's really fun to use.

I have a hot bath waiting for me and a cat that's trying to drink all the bath water. Maybe I should make him a cup of cat nit tea? I never knew a cat that liked hot water so much. I keep encouraging him to just jump in the tub and swim around but he won't do it. At least not intentionally.

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