Snowed In: Part Two in a Series.
2008-12-21 3:45 p.m.

Things have reached a critical point here in Chateau Kitten. There is snow piling up like I've never seen it before. No one is driving and I just saw someone go down my street in skis. I kid you not. Worst of all. I AM OUT OF DIET COKE. I'm going to try calling Round Table Pizza and seeing if they're open. It's a long shot but their owner has chains and does the deliveries in bad weather. During the first snow in, he was the only one on the streets with his little light up pizza sign on the roof. My heater has been running non stop today and it's stuck at 66 (It's set at 68). I dug up a tiny space heater I bought a couple of years ago and parked it in the kitchen facing my bedroom (my house is set up kind of weird) and it's helping quite a bit. Last night I had Trinity under the covers against my back with her head on the pillow and Loki was under the covers with his head parked between my boobs purring/snorning. Let's hear it for body heat and kitty thermal units (KTUs).

Earlier I heard a ruckus in the mud room and went to investigate and a squirrel stuck his head through the ceiling and we stared at each other and both screamed at the same time.

KFK & Sqrl: "Aiiiiigh!"
Sqrl: "Hey, it's warm in here! I'm coming in."
KFK: "No you're not! Get back up there! Up! Up!"
Sqrl: "Do you know how cold it is outside? Dude, it's like 25 degrees. My nipples are going to fall off and I've got six so that's saying something."
KFK: "I don't care about your nipples and don't call me dude. Besides, what if you're rabid?"
Sqrl: "I'm not a rabbit, I'm a squirrel!"

I did a nice replastering job using cardboard and duct tape. Let's hope it holds. Please send Diet Coke, Pizza and space heaters. I beg you.

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It's Frozen.
2008-12-19 1:25 a.m.

This morning I woke up to falling snow and white dangerous roads. My neighbor texted me at 11:00am saying he was braving the streets and taking his gigantic truck to the store and did I need anything. I texted back: "OMG need two one liter bottles of Diet Coke got money here." Half an hour later I got my Diet Coke delivery and his little girl handed me my free weekly paper that I usually leave on the porch then throw away. Future papergirl possibly? I started working on my laptop and then then suddenly sun came out. By one o'clock the roads in my 'hood were slushy, but driveable, even for my tiny car. So I went to work. Imagine that. Most of my coworkers were there, but everyone seemed to sneak out early to avoid frozen roads after dark. Right now there's about half an inch of new snow and all the wet roads have frozen through. The commute tomorrow is going to be hellish. Luckily, I brought enough work home with me to keep me busy throughout the weekend. Christmas? What's that? Much love to Flickr friend Robert who sent me a Christmas card!

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I'm Dreaming of a White Thursday.
2008-12-18 2:26 a.m.

From "A Winter Weather Advisory for snow remains in effect until 4 PM PST Thursday. Mixed precipitation will eventually turn to all snow by daybreak Thursday as snow levels fall to the valley floor. Snow showers should bring an additional 1 to 3 inches of snow by Thursday evening as a cold air mass settles over the area with up to 4 inches at the higher elevations. A Winter Weather Advisory for snow means that periods of snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities and use caution while driving."

Doesn't that sound like fun kids? Luckily, I've got lots of litter, crunchies and a case of wet food for the kits. For myself I have a loaf of bread and chunk 'o cheese so I can make enough toasted cheese sandwiches to last me 'til spring. Plus, I have lots of frozen chicken, veggies and rice to make wads of stir fry. Even if we get *crosses self* freezing rain and my power gets knocked out - Fear Not Dear Readers - I have gas! Er, I mean, I have gas heat and a gas stove so I'll be warm and cooking in the dark. Although, when the battery runs out on my iPhone I'll start going into withdrawals.

If I don't update in two days please send a generator, Dove milk chocolate and Ben Browder. Thanks.

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We had a snow day!
2008-12-16 7:12 p.m.

It Started Snowing on Sunday It started snowing on Sunday and on Monday morning I spent an hour struggling to get into my car, never mind trying to get it on the icy roads and downtown to work. First I couldn't get my key in the door handle slot. I finally remembered my little blue butane torch and heated up the lock so it would accept my key. Then I unlocked the door and couldn't get it open. I didn't have a big enough torch to heat up my door so I went and got the largest flat head screwdriver I could find and started working it around my door. I'm surprised no one called the cops on me. However, that door wasn't moving. I next moved to the passenger door and tried the same procedure. By now I couldn't feel my fingers, I was shaking from all this activity and damn it. I was cold. Plus, I had really bad hair. I stomped inside crying to call my boss and got his voicemail saying "The ******* is closed today! Leave a voicemail and I'll call you tomorrow." I was quite relieved, but it would have been so much better if I had known it was a snow day so I could have slept in. *sigh*

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