Next Door.
2009-07-19 6:43 a.m.

The cats woke me up at sunrise to let me know that a chicken was in my backyard. I was familiar with this chicken so I went outside and started chasing her around, trying to catch her. Do you know how hard it is to catch a chicken? Even though it was a tame chicken who would stand completely still half the time I still looked like a moron traipsing around my yard in panties and t-shirt and platform zoris. Then I decided I should probably put some pants on before I actually captured and returned the chicken to Cialis Palace. I put some pants on and then ran around the yard trying to catch a tame chicken that was practically playing dead so I would properly pick it up. I got the chicken picked up and tucked in her wings in nicely and held her against my chest like I saw the kids do and proceeded to traipse next door. "Chicken delivery!" I screamed as I walked past the house and into the backyard. I opened the coop door and Miss Chicken quickly hopped in with her sisters.

The difference between men and women is amazing. Aside from all the beer cans and the unconscious dude on the sidewalk, the fact that they were all dead asleep and all the doors and windows to their house were open. Their house was nice, cool and refreshing. However, my house is still 78 degrees because it was hermetically sealed all night with the alarm system on. I also had in bed with me a knife and a katana sword. Within reach of my bed is a bo staff, kali sticks and a kubaton. I'm sure the only thing the guys had in bed with them was a beer can and possibly a drunk chick (or a chicken). Pisses me off. Men all think they can kill anyone who steps in their house, so why not leave everything open and enjoy a lovely summer morning. Bastards. From now on I'm sleeping next door. They can get their own damn chickens.

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