Shoot, Stab, You Fucking C#nt.
2007-03-31 12:48 p.m.

I woke up this morning to my Tivo telling me about a stabbing that took place on one of our local buses. Then I went to get some food and in the parking lot was a guy screaming at a girl waking away from him. He was threatening to kill her and kept screaming the "c" word over and over again. I was going to offer to give her a ride, but she was on her cellphone so I guessed she had friends that would come and get her. I just don't understand that. I would never ever be with a man who was capable of screaming at me, let alone screaming obscenities at me in a parkling lot. And if he ever did, it would be the last time he ever saw me. Period. Finally my last stop home was to the quickie mart. They were accepting donations for Chester Yeom who was shot during a hold up of another quickie mart. "Did you know him or are you guys just supporting each other?" I asked the guy behind the counter. "We know him, we're friends." "How's he doing?" He held out his hand and tilted it from side to side. His expression told me more, not well. I came home and looked up the shooting. He was shot in the head and paralyzed. I'm going back to bed. People suck.

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Alternatively alternative or too wuwu 4 you.
2007-03-26 11:37 p.m.

Trying not to laughI went back to the chiropractor today and my sacrum had migrated back to its crooked sideways position that it seems to like. She again used the drop table to whack my spine back into place. I think it's helping, but it's kind of difficult to tell at this point. Apparently her neighbor is doing a dissertation on Eye Movement Desinsitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for chronic pain patients and is looking for volunteers. My chiropractor said she immediately thought of me and gave me the outline for the dissertation. "Treatment" consists of holding onto these little paddles and talking through traumas that preceeded the onset of pain. The first thing out of my mouth was "Uh, is your neighbor a Scientologist?" I don't know much about Scientology, although I did read Dianetics in the eighties, but it sounds like audit counseling. I'm usually pretty interested in things that are 1) Free and B) Have the vague possibility of helping me. However, you need to be available for eight 90 minute sessions and that's just too big of a time committment for me. Between all my doctors and work, I just can't swing it. Plus it sounds a little wuwu, even for me. Besides, I'd rather use my spare time getting massages, facials and taking pictures. Speaking of pictures, I've made it to 32 days in my 365 day project. Only 333 more days to go. Oh boy.

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Chasing the nighmares away.
2007-03-26 10:49 a.m.

Mwah!When I go to bed Trinity goes to her hidden espresso machine and makes herself a triple nonfat latte and slams it back with a small tuna scone. Then she proceeds to run around the house at high speeds screaming. As you can imagine, this interferes with my ability to fall asleep. I've been trying a new thing, I'll tackle her and take her into bed with me and hold her tight against my chest until she calms the fuck down. Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, she'll start thinking this is a pretty good deal and she'll take a nap with me and the house will be lovely and quiet. That's what happened last night. So I'm sleeping and I start having a really horrible nightmare. Something came from under the bed, grabbed me and was trying to kill me. I remember I was trying to scream but I couldn't get any air into my lungs. I was terrified and wanted to scream for help but I couldn't. That's when I felt a very soft paw tap me twice on my nose. I was still struggling, and kind of figured out that this was a bad dream and I was desperate to wake up because if I died in the dream then maybe I wouldn't wake up at all. A soft paw hit me twice on my cheek. I was still gasping for air, trying to scream for help, trying to get someone to help me, someone help me, someone help me. Soft paw smacks me quite a few times on the face. I woke up abruptly with Trin hitting me in the face. We were about three inches away from each other's face and staring at each other cross-eyed. "Thanks for waking me up," I said. "Mrow." I've come to the conclusion that everyone should sleep with a cat for this very reason.

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