Rah rah rah.
2007-03-16 9:27 p.m.

Random DaffodilsI considered lying and writing a totally fictitious entry because my life is just that borning about now. It was beautiful today and I actually went outside and mucked about. These daffodils were growing in the middle of my lawn in the backyard. I normally don't like daffodils. I grew up in a town that had an annual Daffodil Parade with a freaking Daffodil Princess chosen from the high schools. Everyone had a bazillion daffodils in their yard and they were planted in every park and public space. Every spring the town exploded in yellow polinated goodness. When I got my own place and could choose what to plant I stayed far away from daffodils. All yellow flowers, in fact. However, these little puppies were so cute, growing wild out back. The cats have a little hammock in the window sill and they pointed them out to me while they were squirrel watching. I can always tell when they're squirrel watching because instead of resting lazily in the hammock, their shoulders are up to their whiskers and their little ears are flattened out sideways. It's the funniest thing ever.

I'm enjoying the Two Chinese Boys fun we're having this week. Halo Askew found a Wiki Article about them, I guess they're primarily known as the Back Dorm Boys but Two Chinese Boys is another name for them, which is good because it proves I'm not crazy, because for the life of me, I couldn't figure out where I got that name from. Here's another video I like, it looks like an ad they did for Motorola. Radio in my Head.

Also go over to Dr. Charles' scar blog and read Erika's scar story. If you have a scar and a story, consider submitting it.

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Gah gah gah.
2007-03-14 12:31 a.m.

This is your spine.  This is your spine on drugs. 19/365I went to see my physiatrist today. It's been an ongoing three year saga of back pain radiating down the back of my left leg. The good news is that my spine is in nifty shape with no fucked up discs. I do have a little bit of arthritis around my hip joints but that's pretty normal for my age and the hell I've put my body through (let's see: ballet, jazz, tap, toe, kung fu, yoga, weight lifting). She gave me a shot right above my left butt cheek, a sacro iliac injection of methylprednisolone. My body sure likes its steroids. I was told to rest for a day or two. I felt pretty good tonight so I did some light yoga and some exercises and now I'm wishing I didn't. It feels like someone punched me in the butt. There was probably a good reason why I was told to take it easy. Why won't I listen? I snapped this picture in the office before I got dressed to leave. I was all worried I'd get caught playing with the plastic spine! it's really heavy. Memo to self: Do not wear Frederick's of Hollywood peek-a-boo panties when you're going to get a full physical exam with the back of your robe open. Also, since you guys loved Moday's video I offer you another one by Two Chinese Boys. Goofballs.

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Dah dah dah.
2007-03-12 2:28 p.m.

Whenever I'm a bit depressed, I pull this puppy out and watch it and it never fails to make me laugh until my sides ache. Oh man, I love these kids.

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Blah blah blah.
2007-03-12 1:09 a.m.

Sunday Night Bath 17/365My apologies for not updating this weekend but, frankly, there was nothing to write about. I spent all weekend sleeping and watching television out of my good eye. This whole working thing is tough, I really don't know how you people do it. The actual work is enjoyable and stimulating but taking a bath, doing the hair, make up, getting dressed and high heels is hard work. So is the commute. I really don't have the energy for my normal level of road rage. By the time I get home at night I'm exhausted and my ankles are swollen and throbbing. It's like a catch 22. My ankles swell and hurt when I'm on them, but I need to exercise to build up my stamina and keep my weight down. Plus, I need to start being social again even if it kills me. This whole isolation thing is turning me weird. Er. Weirder. I'm one kitten away from turning into the crazy cat lady. The only people I talk to are my cats and the scary thing is they're talking back. Also, to all the kind people who have recommended Enbrel to me: I did a bunch of research and Enbrel doesn't work on sarcoid patients. I'm not sure exactly why, but even though my symptoms are very similar to rheumatoid arthritis, the inflammation process is different and sarcoid patients just don't respond well to it. Plus, some of the side effects are the same as the disease process which is double whammyish. So basically I'm stuck with Prednisone and Methotrexate. In case you're curious and like medical stuff, other drugs that usually don't work quite as well but are often tried are Imuran, Remicade and Plaquenil (antimalarial). So there you have it. *whistles* Maybe something fun and happy will happen on Monday. Until then, over and out.

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