Aikido and naughty cats
2001-09-26 12:52 p.m.

The people in the martial arts webring don't seem to write about martial arts so I feel obligated to write something. Last night in class we worked on an aikido move to flow with the attacker's movement and use it to your advantage. Basically a lot of spinning around was involved. It got fun when we started being creative. You could move in such a way as to hook their arm and send them spinning or cradle their head and spin them to the ground. Then we got some kali sticks out (or I should say stick as the "attacker" only had one) and used the technique against stick fighting. Fun. What was nice about this technique is that even thought I'm small (5'2") I could use it effectively.

I got my two cats Loki and Trinity from the local Humane Society - kitten orphanage - in December. Loki had an owner who had to give him up for health reasons so he was only there for a couple of days. Trinity was a dumpster kitten and was full of parasites when the HS got hold of her. She had lung worm which is very rare and pretty icky along with a host of other problems. She spent a couple of weeks in the kitty hospital and then was in a foster home for a month before she was well enough for adoption. She was a couple of months older than Loki (she had adult teeth but Loki still had baby teeth) but she couldn't jump. She could climb and do everything else cats do but she couldn't jump up on anything higher than the couch or bed. Loki can jump up on anything and would often escape to the dining room table (hey, we don't eat off it, it's where mail and coats go) to get away from her. Then one day last week BOOM! She jumped up on the butcher block, all by herself. Simon and I were all excited and gave her lots of pets and encouragement. We were so pleased that she wasn't developmentally screwed up from her hard childhood. Well, encouraging her probably wasn't a very good idea. I got home from kung fu class last night and Simon is trying to make me eat Chinese food. No. I don't want any. Quit trying to force it on me. No thanks. No. So he decides to go for seconds and I go to pour a bath because I am icky sweaty girl at this point and all of a sudden I hear this scream come from the kitchen and then a string of swearing. I peek out and there's a big plate of Chinese food on the floor and Trinity is running around the house all puffed up leaving spicy chicken sauce prints all over the hardwood floor. I thought, "well she won't being doing that again anytime soon." Wrong, she was up there this morning nosing around when I got out of bed. Naughty cat. If Trinity were a Lautrec painting this is what she'd look like:

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