Goddess Bless America
2001-09-24 9:35 a.m.

I'm not wearing a flag or little red, white and blue ribbons. I'm not against it I just haven't found the right thing and the longer I wait the more confusing this whole flag thing gets. What does it mean? If I wave a flag does that mean I'm pro-war? Does it mean I'm mourning the lives of those lost at the trade center, pentagon and the other crashed plane? Am I pround to be an American? Yes. Do I want to go to war? Maybe. I really don't think we can "turn the other cheek" or handle this in an international court. For Chrissakes they ran into the Pentagon did they really think we'd simply be annoyed? Are we reacting how they want us to? And who is they?

I have a small flag in a planter on my front porch. I found it at the beginning of July when I was walking home from work. It was laying in the street and I thought, "Hey, free flag!" so I picked it up and stuck it in my planter and it's been there ever since. I'll keep it there and let that be the extent of my flag waving until I figure out in my head what this whole being patriotic thing means and see if I'm happy with how the white house handles this.

On a lighter note, I didn't watch the news or listen to the news on the radio all weekend. I really needed to detox and get my soul straightened out. Spent a lot of money on home improvement stuff and stocked up on cat food and cat toys to keep the little rascals happy.

Went to sparring class on Saturday morning and got the crap beat out of me. First of all there were only two other girls there and I was the only "sashless" person there. Everyone else was blue sash or above so I think I did relatively well considering. One guy blew out his knee and J was hit so hard her contact lens flew across the room. We did medium speed all out sparring which translates into I got punched in the face A LOT. In fact my nose still hurts and I have bruises on my forearms from blocking kicks. Actually my body is so covered in bruises I'm starting to forget where and when I got them. I got a couple of good punches in and my one major accomplishments was catching J's leg when she tried to kick me and popping her in the face. It was a killer move and I think I even surprised her a bit. The rest of the time I was basically a moving punching bag. I definitely feel like I'm getting better and will go back to sparring class. Hell, it's the only way I'm going to learn and I have lots of ice bags in the freezer.

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