2001-08-01 12:14 p.m.

I have all sorts of interesting aches and pains in my body today. Sometimes I ask myself "why would a 32 year old woman suddenly decide to take up kung fu?" All I want is to be a blonde female version of Jackie Chan. I want to be able to run up walls, dodge bullets and effortlessly fight off numerous attackers. Plus it's a hell of a work out. The foot is still sore, I was limping pretty bad last night but it has loosened up a bit today. My sifu told us that there will be a Mo Duk Pai* camp at the end of September. It will be three days of grueling work outs but it also sounds kind of fun. I would also be able to meet more people who study this particular type of kung fu.

*Mo duk pai = Martial Ethics Method. Developed by sifu Fred King in the 70's. It seems to be an eclectic art of kung fu with some judo throws and stick fighting (escrima) thrown in. We avoid fights but once started we are comitted to finishing them.

If I can get into better shape by September then I might go. Down another pound today but that may just be dehydration from working out.

Note to self: Redecorate cubicle.

Song of the day: "It's raining men" don't ask me why...

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