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2001-07-31 12:26 p.m.

Another day, another dollar and the weasel marches onward... I'm going back to kung fu class tonight after a week hiatus. My left foot still isn't healed completely. I felt guilty, my sifu called me at home wondering where I was and if I was all right. He's going to recommend some stretches for me and I'll see if I can weasel out of the warm up exercises. I don't mind getting my heart rate up but all the jumping jacks are oh so 80's high impact aerobics and hard on the joints. And apparantly hard on my foot. Well, I'm back into it and comitted to twice a week. Ideally I'll go three. I'm down six pounds. I want to lose another 17 by the end of summer. Is that realistic? Probably not. OK, I plan on being down to the 120s by the end of August. I can definitely do that. I'm so happy that my BMI is finally "normal" instead of borderline overweight. Augh. How depressing.

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