Say it, don't spray it:

jademercy7 - 2006-02-01 21:12:11
i hate whenever i get drenched in the rain. it never seems to fail. i can even be indoors, and somehow God will find a way to get me drenched. i always say it's God's way of spitting on me.

Halo Askew - 2006-02-01 21:52:46
I think I'm gonna give my diary a new tagline: "Fearless Decapitation"...unless you want it first.

Krome - 2006-02-01 23:10:27
I remember those car-fortune things. Whatever mine said was made irrelevant by the fact that my bumper sticker read "Jesus Hates Me." People used to stick post-its to my car all the time assuring me he didn't. "He loves you," one said. "I asked him." Yeah.

scott - 2006-02-02 12:22:08
among my most distinct memories are drenchings inside of convertible MGs... with the top UP. THAT's killing two birds with one stone... and one thing my Miata has never done.

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