Say it, don't spray it:

Pfirsich - 2006-01-29 14:07:52
Love? Oh,no,no,thatīs ok.

Pfirsich - 2006-01-29 14:15:24
I mean:does it mean if I have looked for somebody I could love,cause,no,I have looked for somebody I would be attracted to.Deeply.Sexually,I guess.Like,wholly,physically.Right?---Or did you mean if I want to be loved,cause,no,thatīs the last thing I want,thatīs what Iīm intimidated of.Depending on what being loved means.Cause,I mean,you are not hating me,I mean,without doing anything,or letsīsay,without any status at all,us being strangers you would not harm me.Others would,just because of what they consist of.I want noone who is bad for me of course.Who strives for less,or whatever.Who is beneath me.Like,but you donīt have to activly love me or do anything,you are just supposed to receive my love,I mean:usually the guy sends the girl flowers but I really hate flowers and that whole girl thing,so,I would give you flowers.Thatīs what I want,you know.---

Sky Schemer - 2006-01-29 14:22:23
Yowza, that was one pricey cab ride. I wish I'd known, as I could have arranged a ride or picked you up myself. Next time, I'll call. Anyway, I'm glad you were a part of the show, and how cool is it to get personal compliments from P? I guess you'll just need to start hanging around more.

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