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C-Dog - 2005-05-22 12:39:34
I'm primarily a left side chewer, but I noticed this a long time ago and make it a point to switch sides while chewing. (But you already knew that I'm obsessive.) No props to me, mad or otherwise, since I don't get the cluster lizard reference. And sadly enough, I was home alone doing homework Saturday night. Booorrr-ing.

Judith - 2005-05-22 20:16:05
That wouldn't be a reference from that series that was on several years ago where the aliens lived among humans and were kinda lizard like? I really want some mad props,man!

awittykitty - 2005-05-23 00:46:41
I'm a righty, allrighty. For almost everything. Chewing. Winking. Voting. Thanks for making me realize I'm not the only person who thinks about all this incredibly important stuff.

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