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Diana - 2005-05-19 00:37:37
Sorry to hear about the trouble your body's giving you. I wanted to pass on 2 more cents-- I hope that's not too annoying. I know you already have an acupuncturist-- Bell's Palsy is really helped out by it if you act early. The next couple of weeks would be good. Good Luck. I am sending healing energy your way, just like all your other fans and friends.

luva - 2005-05-19 02:11:16
just to let you know, i'm keeping up with your plight. be well, girl. in your situation, most people wouldn't keep your sense of humor. doctor eeville, indeed.

Elizabeth - 2005-05-19 09:12:27
I like that you have a good attitude about it. I have a friend with Bells Palsy and he has the greatest stories from steroid incidents. Good luck! and I hear that bibs are in this season.

Andy - 2005-05-19 11:21:48
My brother-in-law has Bells Palsy.

He is a dickhead.

Wish i had more to add.

j-cat - 2005-05-19 13:45:41
I remember this girl in middle school that tried out for cheerleading while she had bells palsy. it was the wierdest thing seeing her trying to put on those fake cheerleader smiles and such when she couldn't even smile for real. she made it on the team and her bells palsy went away, so I wouldn't worry about people in public. you're much tougher than she was/is.

laurelann - 2005-05-19 15:04:23
Miss you KFK. I'll see you when I get back from Montana. We'll all think good thoughts for you to get well quickly. lots of love!

Jasonaut - 2005-05-19 15:21:22
Erm. Not to geek out on you or anything, ahem. But when you said, "I don't like looking like The Riddler." Maybe you meant Two-Face? And, ah, get well soon, etc. Does knowing this make me more or less of a super-cool guy?

Jasonaut - 2005-05-19 15:24:15
Something like this?

candoor - 2005-05-19 20:23:50
sending healing thoughts, wishing you well...

groovebunny - 2005-05-19 21:27:29
Sending you healing wishes. I know of another writer as well who's suffered from Bells Palsy. He wrote an amazing series on his experience with it. I wish I could figure out how his archives worked else I'd post the links here for you. Anyways, he's brando at My very best wishes to you!

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